Auto Mechanic Salary and Benefits

According the the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, auto mechanics earn an average of $18.21 per hour including commission. The lower percentage of auto mechanics earn just under $10.00 per hour while the highest percentage earns over $28.00 per hour. These rates may be slightly higher today as this data was collected in May of 2009. As always, auto mechanic salaries can vary WIDELY depending on the skill level of the mechanic. Those who service higher end vehicles like Mercedes and BMWs for example can command higher wages as well. Auto mechanics are also commonly known as “Automotive Service Technicians”.

Many experienced auto mechanics working for automobile dealers and independent repair shops receive commission related to their labor cost charged to customers. Quite often employers guarantee commissioned mechanics a minimum weekly salary. Bus and truck mechanics working in the vehicle manufacturing industry earn the highest wages at $28.96 per hour or annual salaries of $60,240.

auto mechanic salary


Benefits auto mechanics receive vary depending upon the type of business they work for. Automobile dealerships provide mechanics with the most benefits such as health coverage, 401K plans, sick days, paid holidays, vacation days and tool reimbursement. Franchise auto repair shops provide fewer benefits but mechanics typically receive sick days, paid holidays, vacation days and uniforms. Those mechanics working in private garages typically do not receive many benefits other than vacation and sick days.

Auto mechanics often are able to use shop space to fix their own vehicles after-hours which is a benefit. Plus, most often parts can be purchased for personal use at a discount. Auto repair franchise stores often sell unwanted tools to their auto mechanics at discounted prices.

Personal satisfaction is a benefit the average auto mechanic receives as it can be very satisfying being able to pinpoint a problem in a vehicle, find a solution and then repair it. v Most people become auto mechanics because they have a passion for automobiles and are fascinated with how vehicles are put together.

Where Auto Mechanics Work

Auto repair and maintenance shops and automobile dealerships employ the majority of auto mechanics with 31% working in shops and 28% employed by dealerships. Other auto mechanics work in automotive parts stores, tire stores, gasoline stations, car rental agencies and for federal, state and local governments. About 16% of auto mechanics are self-employed. Auto mechanics typically can find work quite easily as they are often in demand.

Auto Mechanic Job Description

An auto mechanic performs inspections on vehicles in order to find mechanical problems. He/she also services and repairs engines, brakes and other parts of cars, buses and trucks. A mechanic also performs routine maintenance on vehicles to prevent breakdowns. Auto mechanics possess a thorough knowledge of vehicles’ mechanical and electronic systems and can diagnose problems quickly using a variety of diagnostic tools.